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R. Clark
san jose, CA

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3jack enterprisses llc

04/01/2008 5:13 PM

Charged my credit card for the $129 fee without any warning or billing. I spoke with Customer Service and they indicated that they emailed me a statement 30 days prior. That email account has been closed since June 07. It would have bounced back to their Server and hence they should have contacted me in another fashion. I verifed the account, they have my tel number and mailing address and did not try to contact me to get approval for the annual $129 fee. I understand that these monies are due, however, no credit card should be charged without the permission or approval of the owner. I will change my resident agent service and pay the $60 penalty to the State. Do not do business with this company, they simply want to only charge your card and collect their fees. I will reverse through my bank.

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