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Mara Sattherthwaite, Esq.

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1785 East Sahara Avenue, Suite 490
Las Vegas, NV 89104
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J. Thibault
Las Vegas, NV

Company name:
MS Motorsports LLC

03/08/2023 1:03 PM

AVOID THIS BUSINESS! We used them for 13 years and they have dramatically fallen to the wayside. Their representatives in Las Vegas are non-existent and their "corporate office" staff in Florida... incompetent. STAY AWAY!

O. Campos
Miami, FL

Company name:
Ever by Nature

02/11/2019 6:06 AM

"Don't be fooled by a competitor's post on a review site" this what is written on their page, but two things I know I'm not their competitor and I don't recommend this company. First of all this website is more than overpast. they basically only contact by phone calls, plus are terrible on online answering. They didn't care about the problem and actually seemed that they didn't know what they were doing since our trademark registration had a problem due to their lack of attention. Really, bad experience

T. Mudd
Chicago, IL

Company name:
Take Charge LLC

02/16/2010 11:52 AM

Spiegel & Utrera, PA and are the best lawyers handling NV company formations on the internet at very very reasonable prices, NV Corporations and LLCs are just $104.95 INCLUDING NV STATE FEES. Their Registered Agent service is just $89.95 per year when to click on the next link and includes all the following which you can check out at: Why then any negative comments. Consider the source!! Who knows, they are probably unhappy competitors hoping to get business from amerilawyer. Amerilawyer is a first class organization which you can check out at:

P. Storberg
Rich Square, NC

Company name:
Luna Import LLC

12/30/2009 7:44 PM

We ordered online and a day or so later they called and finalized the order, $435.00. I called to check in at two and a half weeks, they said it was already done but they would hold it for a total of 4 weeks because I didnt pay for the faster service. Its been over two months and still dont have my LLC. I have left mesgs and called many times. They almost never answer the phone and when they do they put me on hold or say they will call me back when they know what the problem is.The last time they claimed to have mailed it but it was returned to them as a bad address. They could not find the tracking. UPS has delivered to my house from other companys as late as yesterday without issue. They said they would remail it again if I sent them another $25.00, even though I have already pre paid $125.00 to them for a remailing service. My oppinion is that this is a total scam, do not mess with these people.

H. Krawczyk
Sarasota, FL

Company name:
The Creative Body LLC

10/28/2008 3:24 PM

We applied online and within a day someone called to confirm the services we were ordering. However, before we received the package, we relocated to another state. We called Spiegel and Utera multiple times to try and get someone to recall the package and reship it to the new address but were only able to connect with the answering machine. They seem to only answer their email periodically and even after confirming that they would recall the package and resend it, they never did. It has been over 2 months and now they cannot find the Fed-Ex tracking number nor the package which was sent back to their offices. They provide poor almost non-existent customer support and service.

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